At Thomas’s Catering, we are proud to be the only caterer in the area with an off-premise liquor license, which means we are able to serve alcohol at your event. Whether you’re looking to provide an open or cash bar, we are happy to help.

Some reasons why you may want us for your bartending needs include: 

  • Liability. Because we are licensed and insured, we are able to take on liability for any incidents due to alcohol at your event. Working with us rather than providing your own alcohol protects you from liability. 
  • Safety. As professionals, we are able to bartend in a safe way that protects your guests from harm. We have extensive experience in bartending and are able to serve in a safe and professional manner that prevents excess alcohol consumption that could be dangerous.
  • Customization. We can offer bar service at several different levels, depending on the needs of your event. We can provide the alcohol, or you can provide it and we can offer bartenders to serve. We can work with an open bar, or with a cash bar. Whatever your specific needs, we are ready to meet them.  

If you’re looking for catering services in Livonia or the surrounding area, we’d love to help. Contact us to learn more about our full bar services!