Getting the Most From Your Wedding Venue


Getting the Most From Your Wedding Venue

Your wedding is likely the largest event you’ll ever plan. If you want to get hitched without a hitch, then it is crucial you get the most out of your wedding venue. Thomas’ Catering, Livonia’s local catering experts have prepared a few tips for getting the absolute most out of your wedding venue, from pre-planning to the day-of.

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Questions to Ask

Do not sign a wedding venue without knowing a few key details, even if you absolutely love the space, unless you’re okay with being at their mercy for many of the decisions you’re hoping to make. We advise you always ask for (and research) the following:

  • Creative partners and rental providers, options, and pricing
  • Get specific with catering options, partners, and restrictions
  • Photo-ready locations, recommendations, accommodations
  • About any required minimums for refreshments
  • Payment, return, and contract policy
  • Whether or not it can accommodate your entertainment
  • At what point is the venue available until, and is that time extendable if needed
  • Find out what is included, such as up-lighting, dance floor, linens and chairs, etc.
  • Do they provide help with setup and teardown? Always know what you are responsible for
  • Be specific with questions for ceremony/reception and any flip times if both are in same location
  • Get everything promised to you in writing

There are a number of questions that may be specific to your desires, but asking questions prior to signing with the venue is a much better place to negotiate from than it would be afterward. We advise always having a sit-down meeting with a venue representative to go through your specific concerns and also taking 24 hours to think of other questions you may come up with before signing.

After signing

Now that you’ve signed with your venue, it’s time to work with them on all the things you forgot (or didn’t know you needed) to ask. Work out your catering well in advance, schedule entertainment, and always be sure to filter major things through your venue contract before paying any deposits; nothing is worse than being fined for or disallowed from using a service you have already booked and partially paid for. It’s encouraged for you to feel excited and energized at this time, just be sure to not lose track of any details that may not work with your venue. Small things, like fitting centerpieces and decorations to the provided resources at the venue, can afford you plenty of time to make adjustments before the big day.

Day of

Hopefully, your elements come together smoothly, our catering team is beginning work on your event long before your guests are thinking of eating, and your biggest worry is the butterflies in your stomach; if something does come up, remember who your resources are. Always be sure to hold your venue accountable for effectively providing everything that was promised, which is why having it in writing is so critical. Task someone in your party with confirmation that the vendors are on track before, during, and after their scheduled arrival time at the venue to ensure that things continue smoothly.

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