How to Plan Your Honeymoon


How to Plan Your Honeymoon

After months of planning your wedding, the honeymoon is a much-needed vacation that allows newlyweds to celebrate their union in private bliss. Yet with all the distractions of the wedding, too often the honeymoon gets pushed off to “sometime down the road.”

When you’re planning your wedding, don’t neglect the importance of the honeymoon. While you may not want to immediately jump on a plane from your wedding reception, prioritizing a getaway soon after your nuptials is a fantastic way to bond with your love on the trip of a lifetime. To help you out, we have compiled this list of tips for planning your honeymoon.

Start Early

When should you start planning your honeymoon? Right away. Depending on the date of your wedding, you may be competing for a room during the peak of tourist season. The gold standard is to begin planning a minimum of six months before your nuptials.

Work Together

The burden of planning this occasion should not fall solely on one partner. Not only is it a lot of work, if one person is doing all the planning, the trip is likely to be tailored specifically to their needs and wants. The best honeymoon should reflect the best type of partnership: one where each person has equal input. Not only that, but the planning stage can be an important part of the bonding experience for you.

Choose Something Uniquely You

You may see countless of honeymoon ideas on social media, and it may be tempting to simply copy one of those. While there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from others, you also want to be sure to create a honeymoon itinerary that is true to what both you and your partner enjoy doing. Go ahead and take advice from others, but do so with a grain of salt. What another couple wants is not necessarily going to line up with your vision.

Be Specific

Talk to your partner about exactly what it is you both want. Saying that you want something “relaxing” is all well and good, but that can quickly turn “boring” without enough foresight. Be as specific as possible — when you say you want something “exotic,” does that mean a luxury resort on a beach, or a foreign country where you don’t speak the language? This will also help you if you decide to work with a travel agent, who can take that specific feedback and create the right itinerary for you.

Budget Correctly

Weddings are expensive, so you might be tempted to skim off some of the honeymoon budget. But take this into consideration: your wedding will last about six hours. How long will your honeymoon be? Far longer, usually 10 to 14 days. Think critically about where you want to put your budget: the big party beforehand, or the intimate experience you’ll share with your spouse?

Keep it Balanced

Most couples will be happiest with a honeymoon that offers a nice balance of adventure and relaxation. A classic mistake is focusing on one without considering the other. Adrenaline junkies may love the idea of six days of skydiving, hiking, and rock climbing, but find that the trip drains them too much to really connect with their partner. On the other side of the coin, couples who opt for a remote mountain lodge may find themselves bored out of their minds by day three. Be intentional about scheduling equal parts adventure and relaxation into your trip.

Schedule Strategically

Before you book your honeymoon, think critically about timing. One step that is often left out is considering school schedules, which can lead to a honeymoon surrounded by screaming kids. If you’re going to a family friendly location, choose a time of year when the kids are still in school. Better yet, book your room at an adults-only resort and enjoy all the romantic bells and whistles, as well as a kid-free vacation.

Research Rooms

Not all hotel rooms are created equal. Maybe you want a balcony that overlooks the west side of the building so you can watch the sunset while you sip champagne. Maybe you would like to relax in a large jacuzzi tub. It’s important to get information about the room beforehand so you can ensure you have these types of experiences.

Surprise Your Spouse

You should plan your honeymoon with your betrothed, but don’t hesitate to also sneak in a surprise or two. This thoughtful and romantic gesture will add a special something to your trip. Of course, expensive or time-consuming activities should be run by your partner first, but something like a surprise couples massage or a special, beachside dinner is a lovely way to show how much you care.

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