How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party


How to Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

Whether you are a love bird cosied up in your nest, or prefer to fly solo, Valentine’s Day can be a fun occasion for all. This holiday doesn’t have to be simply a celebration of romance; it’s also a great excuse to gather some friends together to celebrate love in all forms. Singles and couples alike will love your Valentine’s Day party, provided you put in the time to plan properly. Here are some tips for taking your February festivities to the next level.

Forget the Traditional Decor

When you hear “Valentine’s Day,” you may immediately picture frilly red and pink hearts all around, but you don’t need to go this route if you want to switch it up. If the usual Valentine’s Day decorations are too sweet for your crowd, try introducing contrasting colors in with the typical color palette. For example, you might keep some pink hearts, but intersperse teal, yellow, or even black hearts as well. This will create a more modern look overall.

Switch Up the Flowers

Flowers and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill the room with roses. Consider incorporating your favorite flower into the decor, or a variety of different sizes and heights. A flower wall can be a gorgeous piece of decor that offers a photo op for your guests. You could even have your guests compose their own bouquets or even flower crowns!

Try a Unique Theme

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all candy hearts and stuffed bears? You can switch up the theme to go with something more your style. For example, you could throw a mystery party, where guests have to band together to solve an intriguing, romantic-themed puzzle. Alternatively, why not make it a costume party? If your friends are all paired up, you could have a couples costume contest, and give a bottle of champagne to the pair dressed as the best dynamic duo. If you and your group of friends are feeling more bitter about the holiday than excited, you might have the guests wear all black for a coy way to protest V-Day.

Create a Signature Drink

A signature cocktail is a fun addition to any party, and Valentine’s Day presents many different options. Of course, something pink in a martini glass is what first comes to mind, but have fun with it and get creative! Adding a heart-shaped gummy to the glass is a nice touch as well. Make sure to give it a cute name that matches your theme, whether you’re going more in the direction of “Love Bites” or “Cupid’s Cocktail.”

Have a Dance Floor

You could easily have a party where guests lounge around, snack, and chat, but where’s the fun in that? Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for a dance floor because there are so many songs that are perfect for the theme. Play all your favorite love songs, or all your favorite anti-love songs, and have everyone come out and cut a rug! Some low lights and a good speaker can go a long way towards creating an environment where everyone wants to get down.

Play Some Games

If your crowd is not inclined to dancing, you can line up some V-Day themed games that will be fun for all. One fun game is called Box of Chocolates. The player is blindfolded and given a box of brand-name chocolates such as Reese’s, Snickers, etc. They must race to alphabetize the candies through smell, touch, and taste. The first player to accomplish this wins!

Another fun game is called Cupid’s Cups. You stack some cups on a table, and give the player a Nerf gun. They must “play cupid” and shoot all the cups off the table with a limited number of “arrows” from across the room. The player who knocks all the cups off the table the fastest wins!

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