Professional Hosting Tips


Professional Hosting Tips

At Thomas’ Catering, we’ve seen it all. As one of Livonia’s most popular catering companies, we have set up, served, and even walked just about every type of event at homes, businesses, churches, weddings, etc.; thanks to this experience, we have a large store of party hosting tips for house parties and major affairs alike. Today, our catering experts have the opportunity to share with you some of our favorites:

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Preparing Your Party

Finalize your guest list (early)

We can’t stress how important it is that you finalize your guest list. Obviously, things come up and people that adamantly swore they would be there (no matter what) don’t show; not much you can do about that, but you should always have a great idea of who may be coming well in advance. Most parties that go sour do so because the scale of space, seating, food, and more elements were not appropriately scaled to the number of guests.

Build excitement

If you want people to have fun at the party, then begin building excitement early. If guests show up excited for the affair, odds are much higher that the event will be a success, regardless of whether the desired outcome is raising funds for a nonprofit or just to dance the night away. Fun is an important part of any party or event, and enabling your guests to feel an energy of fun and excitement prior to the party is a great way to ensure that is the case. Plus, excited guests are easier to please, which is a plus.

Hold guests’ hands

From the moment you first put out word about the party, be sure to prepare and provide answers for any major questions they may have, including:

  • Attire
  • Theme
  • What to bring
  • Time
  • Menu and type of menu (casual, fine dining, appetizers only, etc.)
  • Location
  • Cost (if any)
  • A schedule/expected activities list
  • Include any special reasons or considerations for the party
  • And anything else guests need to know!

Even on the day of the event, be sure to have clear answers for questions guests may have. Preparing now can save you from answering the same email or question over-and-over, and ensure your guests have a great time. Simple things like pointing out restroom locations and letting people know if the beer in the fridge is for the party can make a big difference. The rule of thumb with this is that you should never assume your guests know anything, and the answer to any question should be as plainly obvious as possible.

Don’t overplan

Frustrating to hear that after such detailed planning tips, isn’t it? Unfortunately there is truth to it; even after securing catering, a venue, guest list, and sending out a the best possible invitation communication, there are still an infinite ways to overthink and over-complicate your event. Every party takes on a life of its own once the guests arrive, largely because you can’t possibly plan for every detail. Don’t stress about getting carefully placed seating for everyone, especially when it’s likely they’ll stand the entire time. Be sure to relax and have fun, after all, it’s a party!