Professional Hosting Tips, Part 2


Professional Hosting Tips, Part 2

In our previous blog, we began cataloguing our most crucial party hosting tips for the benefit of those looking to host an amazing home or work party in Livonia; having already covered the importance of finalizing your guest list, building excitement prior to the party, guiding your guests before and during the event, and avoiding planning your party to death, today we’ll go over even more tips that can come in clutch for your event.

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Preparing Your Party, Continued

Take flow into account

Beyond just securing a venue that has space for your party and finding a place for catering food to be set up, it is important to also consider the flow of your party in general, for instance: Is there clear space to mingle, or are tables and chairs obscuring guests’ ability to move about? Other examples you should consider are ensuring that you have only necessary, appropriate spaces for guests to gather and always ensuring that outdoor events have a suitable “Plan B.”

Don’t leave introductions to chance

For intimate affairs and large scale events alike, it is crucial you try to minimize random introductions as much as possible. Whether your solution to this issue lies in nametags, pairing like parties at tables, or getting outliers a boost into conversations with a quick, mingling introduction, being a great host requires you ensure that guests have an easy way to break the ice and meet one another. Every great party includes an element of randomness, give people the chance to meet without a restriction in mind of who they will or won’t get along well with.

Keep entertainment relevant

Having an awesome band play your event is great, usually; nearly any party staple has a time and place it should be executed, and far more where they may not be applicable to the feel of the event. Obviously, you want to have some sort of ambience set to suit the party, which can range quite a lot; great entertainment is limited only to your imagination and what makes sense for the gathered group and event theme. If worst comes to worst, picking a suitable playlist is often enough.

Don’t bog yourself down

As the host, it is crucial that you not be weighed down with day-of tasks. Plenty of things will fall into your lap last minute and during the event, many of which will require your immediate attention. Keep yourself available by avoiding food preparation through our catering, which can help to remove one of the largest burdens from your plate; other tips include delegating out tasks or working out details enough in advance to avoid scrambling to pull things together last minute. It is important that you, as the host, relax and have fun at your event; after all, many of your guests will look to you as the party leader to set the theme, don’t let stress take over!

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