Quick Tips for Your Company Picnic


Quick Tips for Your Company Picnic

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to get out in the sun and start having fun. You might have your Independence Day BBQ all planned out for your friends and family, but what will you be doing for your employees to show your appreciation for their hard work? This is the perfect opportunity to throw a company picnic.

Why Have a Company Picnic?

There are the obvious benefits, such as getting outside and eating some delicious food. But hosting a picnic for your employees offers many more benefits than just this.

Department Integration

Chances are, your employees have a whole range of duties, positions, and responsibilities, and they may not interact much on a daily basis. A company picnic brings together all of these different moving parts to socialize and get to know one another. This enhances communication across the company.

Better Teamwork

Enhanced communication leads to better teamwork. The more employees know and feel more comfortable with each other, the easier it is for them to ask each other questions, give each other feedback, and optimize different processes. Teamwork leads to a more successful business.

Improved Morale

Picnics are simply a good time, and sometimes, all your employees need is some fun to improve their morale. Having a casual yet exciting environment to spend time together is a great way to take a well-deserved break to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Show Gratitude

Your employees work their tails off for you, and a picnic can be the perfect venue for showing them exactly how much you appreciate their efforts. Consider spending time recognizing high performers with awards during this time to make them feel extra special.

Bring Families Together

Employees want to work for people who genuinely care about them and their personal lives. Have your employees bring their families to your picnic so you can get to know them and show your investment in their wellbeing outside of work.

Quick Tips for Your Company Picnic

Now that you know why we need to have a company picnic, here are some quick tips to help you throw a fantastic get-together that won’t be forgotten.

  • Make sure everyone can come. The downside of planning any event during the summer is that it’s a busy time of year. You want to make sure that as many employees as possible can attend, so make sure to send out a survey with several potential dates so you can select the one most can attend.
  • Find the right venue. Once you settle on a date, it’s time to find a venue. A local park or community center will work for most situations, but depending on the size of your company, you might need a larger space. Also consider what activities you would like to do — for example, you may have sand volleyball, kickball, or another fun activity.
  • Don’t forget the kids! Standing around while a bunch of adults talk is boring. Make sure you have toys and other activities that will entertain the children so your employees aren’t spending the entire event dealing with complaining kids. You can keep it simple: some yard games and bubbles are often enough to keep the little ones entertained for hours. If you have a bigger budget and more children in attendance, consider adding more games and entertainment, such as face painting, bounce castles, or a magician.
  • Consider a theme. What’s more fun than a theme party? The company picnic is the ideal time to add a theme to your festivities and generate more excitement for your event. Some ideas include a beach party, a Hawaiian luau, a Western cowboy party, or Mexican fiesta.

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