What to Know About Planning a Surprise Party


What to Know About Planning a Surprise Party

There’s nothing like the joy of celebrating your loved ones, regardless of the occasion. When there is a big event coming up, such as a birthday, engagement, or retirement, you may want to make your loved one feel extra special by throwing them a surprise party.

Surprise parties can be a blast, but they take careful planning. If you’re not intentional about it, you could end up spoiling the surprise! Fortunately, if you’re able to plan it well, this is an occasion your loved one is bound to remember for years to come.

Know Your Loved One

Before you even start planning, ask yourself: is this something my loved one will really want? Some people hate surprise parties because they don’t like being put on the spot, while others love the attention. Think critically about whether or not this is something you should do in the first place. You could still throw a party for them, but with their full consent!

Pick the Right Date

Once you have determined that your loved one will be happy with a surprise party, it’s time to pick the right date. You’ll want to be strategic about this. For example, if it’s a birthday party, don’t plan the surprise for their actual birthday. They will be expecting something, and if you have to pretend like you’re not doing anything for the occasion, it might hurt their feelings. A good strategy would be to do something before the date. Ask them to do something so that they’re prepared to set that time aside. Also, try to find a date when most of their friends and family members are available to attend.

Pick a Spot That Seems Normal

To raise less suspicion, pick a place where you would normally go. If you are going to a very fancy restaurant you only go to on special occasions, it will be obvious that it’s a celebration. But if you have a game night at one friend’s house every week, they won’t suspect a thing if you go there at the usual time.

Consider a Theme

People love theme parties. It’s fun to have an occasion to dress up in something silly, and the guest of honor will be tickled to see all their friends in costume. The best theme would be one that centers around the guest of honor. For example, if you’re celebrating their graduation from vet school, you could have everyone dress up as animals. Get creative and your guests will have fun with it!

Spread the Word

Whether you’re having a roaring bash or a quiet, intimate gathering, one of the trickiest parts of having a surprise party will be inviting everyone without letting the secret out. You’re avoiding the guest of honor finding out, people who aren’t invited finding out, and ensuring no one else makes plans that day. To avoid these problems, it’s best to let everyone know individually what is happening, rather than sending a mass invite. This way, you can make sure every guest knows exactly what is expected of them, and they are far more likely to remember that it’s a secret. If they have questions, they will ask you, not someone else who is attending.

If there are people you are inviting you’re particularly concerned might spill the beans, you might have to lie to them. That’s okay! You can just tell them that it’s a dinner party without specifying what it’s for.

Get Help

Planning a surprise party is a lot of work! Even though you want to keep it a secret as much as possible, it’s best to get some help when it comes to planning a surprise party. Pick someone you can trust, like your best friend. They should also be good friends with the guest of honor to ensure that they put as much into planning as you do.

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