Why should I choose Franks Etc.?

We have 12 years experience catering every type of event you can imagine. We truly are an experience “outside the box”, as we literally cook and serve our menus from our classic 1965 VW pickup! Indoors, outdoors, on the factory floor – anywhere our clients choose to park us, Franks Etc. provides a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t find with any other food truck. We know that catering is just one component of a busy event, so we have designed our process to be easy, painless and fun.

We love to help plan events, tailoring them specifically to your group and activities. From the planning stage, we take care of every catering detail. We’ve got the food, condiments, drinks, and paper products covered. With our service being all-you-can-eat, there is no need to worry about exacting menu planning or budget surprises. Our 12 years’ experience leaves you free to enjoy the event that you’ve planned.

We serve fast – up to 500 people an hour. Really! No matter how short the serve window, quality is never compromised. Yes, we are that good!

We are fun – the real party is always in the kitchen right? With Franks Etc., your attendees are right there with us in our open kitchen, watching the action. This makes everyone a part of the party. Our food speaks for itself, but it’s our dedication to providing a completely unique and lively catering experience that keeps our clients coming back for more.

I’d like to plan an event. Where should I start?

Need some inspiration? Franks Etc. has got you covered. Take a look at some of our sample menus and party ideas then pick a date, get an idea of the number of people attending and contact us using our inquiry form to get the ball rolling. Here’s where the fun REALLY starts: We will walk you through the planning process and share some unique ideas from other events to help make yours all the more memorable.

  • Time of Year Is there a potential for inclimate weather? If so, a covered area or tent rental may be required.
  • Dietary Considerations Will there be any children attending? Vegetarian or heart-smart options required? Make a note of these needs before planning your menu.

We have specific dietary needs for our event. What options do you offer?

Vegetarian sausages are always included as a standard menu item at every event. Let us know how many of your guests are vegetarian and we’ll take care of the rest. Peanut and gluten allergies are easily avoided within our standard menus. We are happy to tailor our menu to accommodate our Kosher and Halal customers. Take a look at our sample menus for an example of a custom Halal menu created for an event we recently catered.

What is the smallest group you will cater for?

We love to party and are always happy to work with you to keep your event budget-friendly, but we do have limits. Most parties are 150 people or more with our truck fee of $300 it is easy to meet our minimum of $1,200. Doubts about your party size? Contact us! We have planned thousands of custom events for 100 to 1,000 people. While 200-400 person lunches are most common for our service, we may likely have some creative solutions for you to consider if your party falls outside this range.

We’re planning a food truck event. Will Franks Etc. bring the truck and sell to our employees?

We really specialize in catering for you at your office. We do rarely participate in food truck stops where we will sell individually to the tenants in your building. Because not everyone in a building will attend, we really need large numbers (1,500+) to make it worthwhile. Please contact us with how many people in your company / in your building. Also we’d like to know if there are neighboring tenants or buildings you could invite. Do you have email access to neighboring tenants or buildings?

Will Franks Etc. help our charity or non-profit with a fundraiser/donate goods and services?

We strive to help out as many community-oriented organizations as our budget allows. Depending on the circumstance, we offer discounted fees to help accommodate fundraisers and donate back a percentage of our sales at large retail events. A charity’s sponsor can also donate the funds to pay for our catering services.