Cue “Pomp and Circumstance”: Graduation season is upon us! As graduates start to envision walking towards that stage to get their diplomas, parents and other family members everywhere are thinking about how to best celebrate the freshly educated special someone in their lives. Whether its high school, college, or graduate school, commencement is an important milestone that deserves a ruckus good time. Some people may be unsure of how to best show their beloved graduate how proud they are. Why not bring everyone who cares about them together to celebrate this momentous occasion?

At Thomas’s Catering, we are happy to be a part of many graduation parties with our catering services in Michigan. Whether you’re in Detroit, Novi, Livonia, Plymouth, or any of the surrounding cities, we would be happy to deliver the catering you need so you can focus less on creating a pile of dishes in your sink and more about spending time with your friends and family at your graduation party.

Why Throw a Graduation Party?

It’s A Big Deal

Simply put, graduation is a major accomplishment. Depending on your inner circle, successfully completing a degree may seem like something everyone does, but that isn’t the case. Your graduate receiving their diploma means that they dedicated years of their life to educating themselves, sacrificing time they could have spent having fun to learn and master a selection of subjects. Whether it’s a high school diploma or a PhD, it’s something that deserves a pat on the back, and a graduation party clearly communicates one thing to your graduate: what you did made us all very proud!

It Shows That You Care

Life gets busy. It’s easy to take your loved ones for granted when you’re trying to manage all the stressors of daily life. Even if you find the time every day to tell your beloved graduate that you care about them, actions speak louder than words. Throwing a graduation party communicates to your loved one that you care about the big moments in their life. Part of loving someone to making sure they know just how much you appreciate, admire, and respect them, and throwing a graduation party ensures that you clearly communicate this message.

It Brings Together Community

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it’s most certainly true that it takes one to get a child through their schooling. Between parents, other family members, friends, teachers, neighbors, and administrators, the graduate has been supported and cheered on by a whole group of folks who are thrilled to see them get their diploma. Sure, the graduation party is in honor of the graduate, but it’s not solely about them. It’s also about bringing the community who have seen this person throughout the whole process together to show them some love. At their core, parties are about bringing together people to celebrate something they all care about so they can take part in collective joy. This is what life is all about, and graduation offers a perfect opportunity to come together with your community.

It’s a Way to Say Goodbye

This might not always be true, but graduations often signal the end of an era. Whether it’s your child graduating from high school and preparing to venture out into the world, or your best friend using their new graduate degree to get a job out of state, graduations are about closing one chapter and opening a new one. A graduation party allows everyone to get together to send the graduate off to their fresh start as they cheers where they have been. Don’t miss the opportunity to send them off in style.

It’s Fun!

Finally, graduation parties are just a good time! Life is short, and how often do you get the chance to cut loose and have fun with the people you care about? Everyone loves a good party, and graduation is a particularly celebratory occasion that your whole network can get down with. Give everyone the opportunity to let their hair down and share in each other’s love and laughter with a graduation celebration.